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Our typical types of projects

Proof of Concept

2 - 6 weeks

We will help you build a very simple product version that might not be fully functional, but enough to pitch the project to investors. This project type includes market research, branding and building a proof of concept product.

Minimum Viable Product

2 - 12 months

Depending on the size of your product and your ambitions, we will build a product that it is ready to use by your end customers. This project type includes market research, branding, landing page and the actual product.

Product launch

3 - 24 months

If you are sure of future success of your product (you are a market expert, or already tested the market with a proof of concept or an MVP) we can start building the full product by your spec. This project type includes market research, branding, UX&UI design, software architecture, performance /penetration/security/load/usability tests, maintenance & tech support, landing page and the actual product.

Product rebuild

6 - 18 months

If you already have a successful product that brings in the cashflow, but need it to be rewritten for various reasons (scalability, performance, cross-platform availability, etc), we will do a full ground-up redesign with the most up-to-date software architecture techniques.


Speak Help project

SPEAK, Freelance platform for psychologists

MVP length: 3 months

Tech stack:C#, React, Flutter for mobile apps

FlyMining Cloud Mining platform project

FlyMining Cloud Mining platform

MVP PRO budget: $98k

Full project budget: $1,7m (ongoing)

MVP length: 3 months

MVP length: 3 months

Tech stack: Java, Javascript, Angular

Time tracker project

NDA, Time tracker

MVP PRO budget: $98k

Full project budget: NDA (ongoing)

MVP length: 4 months

Tech stack: Microsoft Azure, MySQL, C#, React, Redis, Flutter

Flystat project

Flystat, Instagram Analytics Online

MVP PRO budget: $39k

Full project budget: $100k

MVP length: 2 months

Tech stack: C# .Net Framework 4.5, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

Organizational charts project

NDA, Organizational charts

MVP PRO budget: $39k

Full project budget: $300k (ongoing)

MVP length: 3 months

Tech stack:C#, Javascript, Angular

Intranet web portal project

NDA, Intranet web portal

MVP PRO budget: $98k

Full project budget: NDA

MVP length: 4 months

Tech stack:Java, Javascript, Angular, PostgresSQL, Flutter for mobile apps

Customer experience management platform project

NDA, Customer experience management platform

MVP PRO budget: $9k

Full project budget: $250k (ongoing)

MVP length: 12 days

Tech stack: C#, Javascript, Vue.js,Microsoft SQL Server

Why choose us?

the United States flag

We know how to work with the United States

One of the important details is that we have a representative in the United States that has your timezone and is easy to access and communicate with.

Many other teams do not have this intermediate chain that is really important for a flawless communication

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We are startup-minded and well-disciplined

We have experience of launching our own startups and know how important it is to avoid perfectionism. Our main rule is releasing early. Usually it takes us just 3-4 months to first release. Then we do releases every 2 weeks. Our teams are kept small at 5-8 people to avoid too high costs and communication lags.

Saveliy Lenivin

Project Manager

Saveliy Lenivin - Project Manager at OQTACORE

We can provide a fully packaged team

And by fully, we mean it. We build startups from the ground up, including starting companies and bank accounts in many countries of the world. We have our own UX&UI designers, biz dev experts, security specialists, hardware and robotics engineers.

Dmitriy Elisov


Dmitriy Elisov - CTO at OQTACORE

We do not require long-term commitments

Unlike domestic US developers, we are:

  • much cheaper
  • are not protected by any local labor unions
  • are not hard to end relationship with
  • do not require additional taxes to be paid

Nick Kirby

Senior UI/UX Designer

Nick Kirby

We are

than a local team

Compare by yourself

Local developers


$70+/hour (senior level)

Managing the project

You do:
  • • UX/UI design
  • • Software design
  • • Test plans
  • • Architectural split: designing modules, APIs, external integrations
  • • Daily standups with the team
  • • Monitoring the quality of the team work
  • • Managing releases
  • • Managing on-call schedule
  • • Market research

Hiring additional staff

You do:
  • • Sign a contract with each staff member
  • • Pay them for search
  • • Conduct additional interviews with the candidates
  • • Find an HR agency
  • • Do a knowledge transfer
  • • Give the new member a one-month period of learning the technology stack of your company before delivering first results

Staff leaving team

You do:
  • • Finding a replacement
  • • Off-boarding all credentials
  • • Knowledge transfers to other team members

Additional costs

You pay:
  • • Health insurance plan
  • • Office costs
  • • Dental
  • • Optical benefits
  • • 401k

Terminating project

You do:
  • • Document violations
  • • Fulfill all legal requirements
  • • Be brief and factual
  • • Review your employee handbook and its firing policies
  • • Investigate grounds for termination



$50/hour per staff member

Managing the project

We can do all the steps internally with your involvement as much as you want on the steps that you want, or without your involvement just sending reports

Hiring additional staff

We internally hire as many people as required

Staff leaving team

It is our internal problem

Additional costs


Terminating project

Partnership with us is voluntary and can be cancelled any time

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Mikhail Babenkov

Mikhail Babenkov

Сo-founder SPEAK

The OQTACORE team built for me a web phycological freelance platform that brings together psychologist and clients. On this platform they can call up each other, chat, schedule appointments and so on. This is a huge project that we are working on right now. OQTACORE shows a very high level of quality. I really like the management - we are always on the same page. We often have phone calls on weekends if I need it. We started small, and it is important that OQTACORE has used a scalable architecture for the future growth, since we expect hundreds of thousands of users in the coming years. I am also planning to create an application with them for IOS and Android.

Lily Yakupova

Lily Yakupova

Project Manager in clothing industry

Our company had trouble moving our workforce to working remotely. Staff had a hard time understanding how to track their time correctly, and many of them found it really hard to focus. I was given a task to provide an app that would facilitate remote work. OQTACORE did a great job with both designing the app’s functionality and UI from scratch, and building it for all available platforms. And all this in just 4 months! I am an average iPhone user and had no experience in software before and I needed someone to do everything right even without me understanding what is needed, and I am grateful that such a company exists. If our company would need another app written, I know who to ask!

Aliya Alzhanova

Aliya Alzhanova

Head of product

OQTACORE team proved to be an excellent value for the money. Our company has two separated offices, one in the USA and one in Hong Kong and we struggled to have communication between our offices. We decided that we need an intranet platform like Facebook where we could share our information and keep everyone across the globe involved. Saveliy at OQTACORE took our problem very seriously, came up with all kinds of features that we needed, and it took just 10 months to get a working product that we use now. I am pretty sure that we will contact OQTACORE again!




A good choice to develop an MVP
We found OQTACORE through web search, checked their portfolio and almost immediately understood that we should consider them. Now after we have closed that project, I can say that it turned out as well as it could. Their approach to work is exactly what we needed - we just gave a basic idea, and they analyzed our needs, wrote the specifications, designed the app and built it. All-in-all the project took 5 months, and without them it would take our company a year of paperwork. Needless to say, we probably would never even start the development, because we had no idea what to do with the software team after the project, if we would hire it for internal development.

Nikolay E. - Flymining

Nikolay E.

CEO Flymining

OQTACORE team built for me a cloud mining platform This is the second project that we are conducting together with Octaсore. Their staff has done miracles in terms of the speed of developing the first working MVP. In 2 months after the start, we have seen the first registrations of real users and the first revenue. An important detail - the MVP was built so that it could be scaled and extended upon with new functionality to become a fully functional enterprise-level system without refactoring.




Many thanks!
(translated from Russian) Many thanks to OQTACORE! At our shopping center, we have a lot of different promotion campaigns going all year-round, and we needed a way to gather feedback from our visitors. One of my colleagues knew Dmitriy personally, and knew that they have a company that does web development. We contacted OQTACORE and ordered a simple web app that our visitors could use to leave feedback. It took them just 4 months to release, and we use this simple app to this day.