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Get your app reinvented

The software can fulfill business needs, but its codebase can become outdated or hard to maintain. Rebuilding software in time can help avoid many problems.

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Benefits of rebuilding software:

Implementing the new tech stack and new required functions

Facilitating software maintenance

Optimizing the system’s functionality

Modernizing every single piece of the entire system

Improving network security according to the latest standards

Improving speed and scalability

Problems solved by software rebuilding:

  • The software inhibits the growth of your business;
  • The software UX/UI design needs to be refreshed;
  • The software is not compliant with the necessary regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA;
  • The software lacks network security due to not being verified against the OWASP database;
  • Outdated technology stack;
  • Non-competitiveness in the market.

Types of software rebuilding

Prototype → Full product

Prototypes are usually used to prove an idea and spot specific needs within your target audience.

Even if a prototype software gets traction and users, one day it won't be able to withstand the load. It's time to start transitioning from a particular pain point to a long-term goal and rebuild a prototype into a full-scale product.

OQTACORE will help you graduate from a promising startup into a growing unicorn.

Legacy software → New software

Software becomes old very quickly and stops meeting business needs due to low performance, old tech stack, and lack of features.

Maintaining older tech stacks becomes a bigger problem each year. First, developers start leaving the company seeking modern tech. Next, no developer in the market has experience with an outdated tech stack. Rebuilding apps in time saves a lot of trouble.

We at OQTACORE have broad expertise in Rebuilding & Refactoring IT projects, and our developers work with different languages to meet any challenge.

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Our cases

Intranet project

NDA, Intranet web portal

  • MVP PRO budget: $98k
  • Full project budget: NDA
  • Length: 4 months
  • Tech stack: Java, Javascript, Angular, PostgreSQL, Flutter for mobile apps

An intranet web portal, similar to Sharepoint, Confluence, but with more accent towards in-company social networking than company management. It allows staff to share questions, polls, blog posts, videos, and many other content types, to discuss, to seek help among the company experts, and to communicate with colleagues.

Gametrade Market

Gametrade market

  • MVP PRO budget: NDA
  • Full project budget: NDA
  • MVP length: 8 months
  • Tech stack: React, Next.js, Node.js, AWS, Metamask, Web3.js, Ethers.js, Solidity

GameTrade is a marketplace for trading virtual in-game NFTs. We made a hybrid of social media and a trading platform for gamers and professional traders, and now the platform provides advanced communication functionality for the best trading experience



  • MVP PRO budget: $100k
  • Full project budget: $1m (crypto exchange registration, legal stuff)
  • MVP length: 1 year
  • Tech stack: Vue.js, C#, Solidity, BTCPay, PayPal

Tyrcoin is a stablecoin based on the Russian ruble. It was implemented as an ERC20 token on top of the Ethereum blockchain. MVP PRO included token development, official website. Full project included crypto exchange registration, legal stuff.


Steps of rebuilding software with OQTACORE

Either before the first consultation or immediately after it, we will sign an NDA so that we can ask and find out details that are important for the project, which may constitute a trade secret.
At the initial consultation, you can get to know the leaders of our team, and we, in turn, will get to know your product, its current needs, and goals.
We analyze your current user base and find the weak points of the existing solution. We conduct market research on similar apps, focus on customers' experiences, and analyze trends and best practices. Then we come up with solutions and decisions that will empower your software for success. You can choose to accept or not accept each individual proposition.
Based on the current software version and decisions taken, we estimate the scope of work, the timing, and the cost, and come up with a commercial offer.
If you are satisfied with our offer, we will ask for a 33% prepayment and get down to work.
When rebuilding software, we make sure the application’s code is rebuilt from scratch, using the latest techniques that your business needs. During the rebuilding, we can also extend the software with features you had in the backlog, we can come up with ideas and features as well. We build software in parallel with the existence of the current system to keep your business running.
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Simply refactor or rebuild from scratch?


Any product needs to be launched quickly to get the first assessment and profit. Developers write code in a hurry, specs could be changed in the process, bugs are not fixed, etc. As a result, the code is difficult to read, use, and maintain. In this case, it’s necessary to clean up dirty code to reduce technical debt.


The great advantage of rebuilding is that it gives you a fresh start. If your software solves the business tasks, but it has some fundamental flaws (ancient tech stack, non-optimized core, primitive UX/UI), in this case, refactoring is not feasible.

You might want to have a similar software but built from the ground up using the latest achievements in technology and ergonomics. Rebuilding gives your software a second life.

OQTACORE is an experienced refactoring and rebuilding provider. Want to know what exactly your business needs? Schedule a call with the CTO Dmitriy Elisov.

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Market research

Change coding language to improve maintainability

not in core module

New functionality

Restructure app modules

Migrate to cloud

Improve UX

Refresh UI

Improve testing and other manual procedures

Optimize databases

Improve network security



Every project is unique and can be estimated only after rigorous research.

From $30k per month


3-9 months


Market research

Change coding language to improve maintainability

New functionality

Restructure app modules

Migrate to cloud

Improve UX

Refresh UI

Improve testing and other manual procedures

Optimize databases

Improve network security


Every project is unique and can be estimated only after rigorous research.

From $50k per month


6-18 months

OQTACORE engineers cover a vast array of technologies





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And hundreds of others

Hourly rates

Senior Product Strategist

More information Hide information $100/hr
A Senior Product Strategist defines product vision and roadmap, focusing on generating business value for the client, rooted in a strong understanding of the market and current technological capabilities/constraints. They also communicate with the client to gather future requirements in projects by applying technical and business expertise.

Senior Technical Architect

More information Hide information $100/hr
A Senior Technical Architect is responsible for designing the hardware and software infrastructure, choosing the right on-premise or cloud platform and tech stack, managing the process of development, deployment, and maintenance, and coordinating the software development team to ensure a predictable release process, data safety and security. They have at least 8 years of experience in software design and managing software development.

Senior Software Developer

More information Hide information $50/hr
A Senior Software Developer has advanced knowledge of programming languages and frameworks, understands the business value behind the software, and writes high-quality, feature-complete, robust code. They have 6+ years of commercial experience in software development.

Middle Software Developer

More information Hide information $35/hr
A Middle Software Developer is tech-savvy with different programming languages and frameworks. They may be tasked with developing a part of the application to prepare it for the further transition to a senior developer. A middle software developer has 4+ years of working experience in commercial software development.

DevOps Engineer

More information Hide information $50/hr
A DevOps Engineer has a deep understanding of applications development environment, database, data management, and infrastructure capabilities and constraints for software infrastructures of high complexity. A DevOps engineer ensures data safety and security, implements security protocols, and backups, as well as maintains an optimal amount of resources for cost optimization and quick rollovers during updates.

Senior Blockchain Developer

More information Hide information $70/hr
A Blockchain Developer knows how to write smart contracts in the most efficient and secure manner. Each team member is involved in the current blockchain community and stays close with relevant updates in the industry.

Product Manager

More information Hide information $50/hr
A Product Manager can define the product goals and roadmap, ensuring alignment with business objectives and company strategy. They prioritize product features based on customer needs, business potential, and technical scalability.

UX/UI Design

More information Hide information $35/hr
A UX/UI designer is business savvy while keeping users’ needs at the forefront of the product’s designs. They have experience conducting customer research ranging from qualitative data analysis to hands-on usability testing. Our team includes top-notch UX and UI professionals with experience in designing B2B/enterprise-level products and services.

Business Analyst

More information Hide information $50/hr
A Business Analyst at OQTACORE can develop, drive, and analyze existing and new workflows while building a clear understanding of the needs of the particular business. They work closely with the product owner and development team to enhance software solutions.

Project Manager

More information Hide information $35/hr
A Project manager is a self-disciplined professional who can bring projects to closure with minimum direction, guidance, and oversight. They review deliverables prepared by the development team before they are passed to the client and provide clients with regular communication and updates.

Marketing Analyst

More information Hide information $40/hr
A Marketing Analyst has 5+ years of experience with marketing campaigns and controls sales and pricing using marketing data, current and historical company data, competitive data, and trends. They track analytics across digital platforms and implement data-driven decisions to improve and evolve marketing strategies.

QA Lead

More information Hide information $35/hr
A QA Lead provides process improvement, oversight, and technical guidance to the QA team in the analysis, design, testing, and deployment of applications ensuring all titles meet business deadlines while upholding a high level of quality.

QA Engineer

More information Hide information $25/hr
A QA Engineer organizes the creation and execution of test scripts for multiple products, tracks the quality performance of the product, reports testing results, and provides performance recommendations to development teams.


Retail & eCommerce




Social Networking

Food & Restaurant

Real Estate

Wellness & Sport

Travel & Hospitality




Gametrade market
OQTACORE was recommended by one of our partner companies. We worked with many development companies for comparison. The best part of a partnership with the OQTACORE team is that in addition to exceptional quality specialists, the founders Dmitriy and Saveliy, take care of all the details and let me focus on strategic thinking. I give them the main direction and they tackle how the product should look and feel. The quality of their specialists and the price that we are paying for that quality is fair.
Mark Galdin

Mark Galdin

OQTACORE built reliable solutions, and they collaborated well with us to generate results meeting our standards, timeline, and budget. They’ve got a strong understanding of how to best apply current technology stacks and approaches. Now we have a platform that will let us expand our work more quickly than what would have been previously possible.
Aliya Alzhanova

Aliya Alzhanova

OQTACORE proved to be an excellent value for the money. Our company has two separate offices, one in the USA and one in Hong Kong. We had our internal platform for communication between offices, but it was very simple without any useful features. We decided that we need an intranet platform like Facebook where we could share our information and keep everyone across the globe involved. Saveliy at OQTACORE took our problem very seriously, came up with all kinds of features that we needed, and it took just 10 months to get a working product that we use now. I am pretty sure that we will contact OQTACORE again!
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