Software development services for resale: what company do you need as a partner

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by Dmitry Elisov
Oqtacore CTO

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Software Development Services for Resale: Partnership

Collaboration plays a vital role for today’s businesses. According to BPI, 57% of organizations say that they use partnerships to acquire new customers. Against the backdrop of the evolution of collaboration in tech business, a new type of partnership – co-selling – is gaining popularity. 

Co-selling is when two companies join forces to sell a product or service to a customer. In the tech business, co-selling partners are often a reseller and a development company. The reseller finds a customer and then buys the software or software development service for resale from the developer partner. 

Crossbeam reports that in 2021, businesses started using co-sell strategy twice as often as partner relationship management systems. The ever-growing popularity of co-selling is hardly a surprise – collaboration speeds up sales and helps both partners achieve their goals faster. So, the reseller sells a service to the customer in a short time that is exactly right for them, and the developer scales up faster. For co-selling and for software development services for resale, a comparison with Star Wars characters would be ideal: just as Luke Skywalker teams up with Han Solo to save the galaxy and achieve his personal goals, the reseller and the developer become a team to sell a quality product together and make profit. 

One person is holding a sword, the other is holding a gun.

Reselling with a development partner allows both companies to: 

  • Close product gaps;
  • Increase the percentage of successful deals;
  • Increase deal size;
  • Outpace competition.

Having a reliable partner is crucial to attaining software development services for resale success in future. If you are an IT reseller and you are looking for a long-term partner, software development company OQTACORE is here to offer its services for resale: 

  • Outstaffing (remote dev team). From OQTACORE, you can recruit and manage your remote staff. Our team has handy software that you can use to track the time and productivity of your remote developer, who has given us such consent. Your reselling company and the end client can count on our commitment towards getting suitable developers from our company.
  • Outsourcing (full product team). Our team deals not just with development, but with full product creation. We outsource fully staffed teams, which include developers, managers, designers, QA testers, etc. Moreover, OQTACORE has specialists from Eastern Europe where developer services are cheaper but of the same quality as in the US. This means that the project overall will cost you and your client less
  • Rebuilding and refactoring. OQTACORE has extensive experience when it comes to product refactoring and rebuilding with the help of modern frameworks. We also redesign the product UX with further modification of the UI structure, and optimize product functions through new technologies (cloud migration, decentralization, etc).
  • Whitepaper. OQTACORE has experience in writing whitepapers that raise $1M+ rounds. We know how to highlight a product’s unique purpose and technology, both for potential users and investors. Our deep knowledge of blockchain technology allows us to write well-elaborated technical descriptions of algorithms and protocols. We have opened multiple companies in Europe and worked with the legal departments of many banks. These have made us one of the top companies to collaborate with on legal aspects of any future crypto platform. We have already helped customers to raise $5M+ in total, so we know exactly what investors want. We can prepare a detailed product roadmap, assist in creating business and marketing models, including user acquisition, explain technical descriptions in simple terms, and show what benefits a product has in store for users.
  • Product design. In order to achieve the best customer experience, OQTACORE developers and designers check each stage of the product creation against the customer’s business goals and return on investment (ROI). We go beyond user experience research and combine it with market research and proof of concept. We not only define the tech stack of the future product but also create business and marketing models, and a detailed product roadmap.

 Our team specializes in the following areas:

  • Blockchain Development 
  • Web Development 
  • Mobile Development
  • MVP development
  • Ecommerce & Marketplace Development
  • Enterprise development 

What partnership approach does OQTACORE adopt with respect to resellers? 

Our partnership is based on data-driven communication. We use all the data that the reseller provides to us, such as requirements specifications, client’s conditions and wishes, marketing and business metrics, analytics, and so on, to get the job done. OQTACORE also relies on its own years of experience and independently conducted research. So, our team can advise the reseller on their services to choose for resale. 

This approach – integrating all available data – is what Google analysts and marketers call “better together”. It allows the end customer to get the best service from our side, and also strengthens the reseller’s confidence in OQTACORE. 

In our version of the better together approach, we take into account the following factors when partnering with a reseller: 

  • The interests of all parties in the resell: We are sensitive to the relationship between the reseller and the end customer. So, OQTACORE will be able to advise the reseller on which services are best suited for resale.
  • We are not after your end client: We are partners, but at the same time we are service providers, and our services will be sold only to our reseller partners. However, to clarify product technical requirements, we can interact directly with the original customer, of course if our partner, the reseller, permits
  • You will always be carried along in the development. The reseller must know how our work is progressing. OQTACORE provides full reporting on what stage the team is at, on how long it will take to complete the stage and move on to the next one, and on if there are any challenges and so on.

Shaking hands

However, as with all contracts, it is also important for us to know the following:

  • Cost: this is determined jointly by us and the reseller. For example, the procedure for determining the commission and list price.
  • Terms of resale. What development services will be provided, what they include, deadlines, number of people in the team, and so on. 

Partnership with us is guaranteed to give the reseller a high KPI because OQTACORE is not just a hired force, but a full-blown business partner. As we aim to fulfill our own tasks, we’re 100% committed to helping the reseller generate revenue, at the same time not taking our eyes off quality.

What types of services can be outsourced?

Typically, companies outsource small tasks to delegate them or tasks that they cannot perform in-house because there are no appropriate specialists. You can outsource such services as:

  • UX/UI design;
  • Code refactoring;
  • CRM integration;
  • Smart contract development;
  • Marketing

and many more services .

What areas does OQTACORE specialize in?
  • Blockchain Development 
  • Web Development 
  • Mobile Development
  • MVP development
  • Ecommerce & Marketplace Development
  • Enterprise development
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