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This website is made by a team of five who have developed more than 50 APPs. Let’s get acquainted!

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Our and your team will be
Senior Backend developer - Alexey Mikhailin
  • 9+ years in Backend web & mobile development
  • Ex. Amazon
  • Has excellent algorithm knowledge
  • Stacks: Java,C#, JavaScript, Ruby
Alexey Mihaylin
info logo
Senior UI/UX Designer - Nick Kirby
  • 10+ years in design industry & 7+ years in UX/UI fields
  • Made more than 100+ complete sketches and wireframes for startups
Nick Kirby
info icon
CTO - Dmitriy Elisov linkedin logo
  • Participated in building software for such companies as Mercedes, Allianz, BMW and large startup projects
  • Made architectural decisions for web apps with development budget of up to $200m per year
  • Built large projects as a Chief Architect of a 5000 developer team
  • A private IT consultant to Fortune 500 companies
Dmitriy Elisov
Project Manager - Saveliy Lenivin linkedin logo
  • 8+ years experience in managing web & mobile projects
  • Managing and operating web & mobile apps from scratch with development budget up to $100m per year
  • Experience with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups
  • Agile evangelist: (Scrum/Kanban - Jira & Confluence frameworks
  • Background in marketing and business development
Saveliy Lenivin
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Senior Frontend developer - Anton Khartulyari
  • 8+ years in Frontend web & mobile development
  • Increasing web apps speed by 60%
  • Specialized in development startups for Y-combinator, 500 startups, techstartups etc
  • Stacks: React, JavaScript
Anton Khartulyari
our cases
GameTrade Market
gametrade market
Short information
APP budget logoAPP budget:$50k
lenght of APP logoProject length:3 months
Tech stack:AWS, MySQL, ASP .Net MVC, React

GameTrade Market is an NFT gaming item marketplace, focused on ease of use for gamers and professional traders.

GameTrade provides advanced communication features for a better trading experience.

We are creating a hybrid of social networks and a trading platform, as this is how we envision trade in future virtual metaverses.

Short information
APP budget logoAPP budget:$35k
time logoProject length:3 months
tech stack logoTech stack:AWS, React Native, VPN Wholesaler SDK

A simple-to-use VPN app available on all major platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Chrome plugin

Hypercasual game
Short information
APP budget logoAPP budget:$30k
time logoProject length:1 month
tech stack logoTech stack:AWS, Unity

A simple hypercasual game posted on more than 300 independent game portals (via listing at

SPEAK, Freelance platform for psychologists platform
Short information
APP budget logoAPP budget:$46k
time logoProject length:3 months
tech stack logoTech stack:C#, React, Flutter for mobile apps

SPEAK is a freelance platform for psychologists. Clients can schedule on-demand pay-by-minute encrypted audio/video calls or have weekly text & voice messaging subscriptions with psychologists. Psychologists get a full-blown CRM system with customer billing, session notes, and appointment calendar.

Flymining, Cloud Mining Platform
FlyMining CLoud Mining platform project
Short information
APP budget logoAPP budget:$45k
lenght of APP logoProject length:3 months
Tech stack:Java, Javascript, Angular

The investor has $1.5m invested in Bitcoin mining equipment, and our task was to build infrastructure around it to ensure maximum profitability. As a result, we developed an international cloud mining web platform that allows people all over the world to invest in crypto mining.

NDA, Time tracker
Time tracker app logo
Short information
Advanced app budget logoAdvanced app budget:$30k
APP lenght logoProject length:3 months
tech stack logoTech stack:Microsoft Azure, MySQL, C#, React, Redis, Flutter

An app that helps business owners to measure the work performance of remote and on-site employees. It allows to take screenshots and monitor the apps being used during the workday. The app also has a web UI that allows employees to track their performance, how much time they work, what apps they spend their time in.

Flystat, Instagram Analytics Online
FlyStat Instagram Analytics project
Short information
APP budget logoAPP budget:$39k
lenght of APP logoProject length:3 months
tech stack logoTech stack:C# .Net Framework 4.5, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

FlyStat is an Instagram Analytics online service. FlyStat helps business owners to control the quality of Social Media Marketing (SMM) projects, reduce costs for controlling SMM staff, and avoid losses from poor social media performance. Also, FlyStat helps SMM managers get actual statistical and analytic information. FlyStat raises the quality of SMM projects, reduces costs for developing social media accounts.

NDA, Organizational charts
Organizational charts app
Short information
APP budgetAPP budget:$40k
APP lenghtProject length:3 months
tech stackTech stack:C#, Javascript, Angular

A software that allows companies' top management to build multi-factor organizational charts. Its artificial intelligence algorithms analyze connections between staff members and build organizational charts that drive insights and empower important management decisions.

NDA, Intranet web portal
Intranet web portal
Short information
Advanced app budgetAdvanced app budget:$43k
APP lenghtProject length:3 months
tech stack logoTech stack:Java, Javascript, Angular, PostgresSQL, Flutter for mobile apps

An intranet web portal, similar to Sharepoint, Confluence, but with more accent towards in-company social networking than company management. It allows staff to share questions, polls, blog posts, videos, and many other content types, to discuss, to seek help among the company experts, to communicate with colleagues.

NDA, Customer experience management platform
Customer experience management platform
Short information
Clickable prototype budgetClickable prototype budget:$9k
APP lenghtProject length:3 months
tech stackTech stack:C#, Javascript, Vue.js,Microsoft SQL Server

An online app that enables businesses to send customized questionnaires to customers to get feedback about the quality of service and to measure NPS. It is a sophisticated enterprise solution that allows to have multiple user access levels, measure analytics of responses, and even compare historical data. One of the distinct features is the sentimental analysis of open text questions like “please share your feedback”.

Smart Tagger
Smart tagger

Smart Tagger is a project utilizing artificial intelligence for the automatic cataloging of electronic documents based on their content. It has been recognized with numerous grants and awards.

Awards: Twice a semifinalist at BIT-2011, 2012; Finalist of Technocap; Silver medalist at the IT Products Exhibition in Beijing 2012;

Grants: Twice a laureate of UMNIK from FRII; Laureate of "UMNIK on START" from FRII;

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What we develop
Web app
OQTACORE develops web apps
*An actual app developed by OQTACORE
Mobile app
mobile apps
*An actual app developed by OQTACORE
Nikolay E
Nikolay E.CEO Flymining
Nikolay E review
Many thanks to the OQTACORE team
OQTACORE team built for me a cloud mining platform This is the second project that we are conducting together with Octaсore. Their staff has done miracles in terms of the speed of developing the first working APP. In 2 months after the start, we have seen the first registrations of real users and the first revenue. An important detail - the APP was built so that it could be scaled and extended upon with new functionality to become a fully functional enterprise-level system without refactoring.
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August 2021
Mikhail Babenkov
Mikhail BabenkovСo-founder SPEAK
Scalability and quality!
OQTACORE team built for me a web phycological freelance platform that brings together psychologist and clients. On this platform they can call up each other, chat, schedule appointments and so on. This is a huge project that we are working on right now. OQTACORE shows a very high level of quality. I really like the management - we are always on the same page. We often have phone calls on weekends if I need it. We started small, and it is important that OQTACORE has used a scalable architecture for the future growth, since we expect hundreds of thousands of users in the coming years. I am planning to also create an application with them for IOS and Android.
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January 2024
Nikolay E
Nikolay E.CEO Flystat
Impressive and better than expected
FlyStat is an Instagram analytics online platform. Unfortunately, it was killed by Instagram itself, when it removed all the analytics APIs and implemented all analytics inside its own app, making all the 3rd party services unneeded. But back in 2015 when the project was started, it quickly started gaining traction. It was my first project with Dmitriy and Saveliy. At first I was rather pessimistic as the team seemed too young to me. But they had experience of building similar Instagram projects and I gave it a go. FlyStat started acquiring users 3 months after the start, and 1 year after we started, it already had 5000 users and 100 of them were paying. In 2016-2017 FlyStat was noticed by many large Russian SMM magazines and was recommended as one of the best analytics tools in Russia. When Instagram destroyed FlyStat’s business model with one of its updates of API, we had 40k accounts in the system and 400 paying users. I had to close that project, but I stuck to the team and we started FlyMining this year. Let’s see how it goes!
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April 2018
Lily Yakupova
Lily YakupovaProject Manager in clothing industry
Glad that I found them
Our company had trouble moving our workforce to working remotely. Staff had a hard time understanding how to track their time correctly, and many of them found it really hard to focus. I was given a task to provide an app that would facilitate remote work. OQTACORE did a great job with both designing the app’s functionality and UI from scratch, and building it for all available platforms. And all this in just 3 months! I am an average iPhone user and had no experience in software before and I needed someone to do everything right even without me understanding what is needed, and I am really grateful that such a company exists. If our company would need another app written, I know who to ask!
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October 2023
A good choice to develop an APP
We found OQTACORE through web search, checked their portfolio and almost immediately understood that we should consider them. Now after we have closed that project, I can say that it turned out as well as it could. Their approach to work is exactly what we needed - we just gave a basic idea, and they analyzed our needs, wrote the specifications, designed the app and built it. All-in-all the project took 3 months, and without them it would take our company a year of paperwork. Needless to say, we probably would never even start the development, because we had no idea what to do with the software team after the project, would we hire it for internal development.
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April 2023
Aliya Alzhanova
Aliya AlzhanovaHead of product
Excellent value for the money
OQTACORE team proved to be an excellent value for the money. Our company has two separated offices, one in the USA and one in Hong Kong and we struggled to have communication between our offices. We decided that we need an intranet platform like Facebook where we could share our information and keep everyone across the globe involved. Saveliy at OQTACORE took our problem very seriously, came up with all kinds of features that we needed, and it took just 3 months to get a working product that we use now. I am pretty sure that we will contact OQTACORE again!
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June 2023
Many thanks!
(translated from Russian) Many thanks to OQTACORE! At our shopping center, we have a lot of different promotion campaigns going all year-round, and we needed a way to gather feedback from our visitors. One of my colleagues knew Dmitriy personally, and knew that they have a company that does web development. We contacted OQTACORE and ordered a simple web app that our visitors could use to leave feedback. It took them just 4 months to release, and we use this simple app to this day.
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January 2023
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We made best APP options for you

We are not just app developers. We develop your idea into an investable product and commercially viable business with a clear strategy in mind.

Clickable prototype
check logo
An interactive user interface that demonstrates basic functionality: it reacts to clicks by showing pre-rendered screens without actual programming of the application.
Test your idea as quickly as possible with minimal cost, show your application to potential clients and investors in the form of a clickable design and get an investment.
app mvp
We develop app for one of the target platforms: IOS/Android/Web.
check green logo
Get an app that has a basic functionality for you to better work on the idea and launch the startup as quickly as possible, increasing chances to get an investment.
app pro mvp
check logo
We develop an advanced app for one of the target platforms: IOS/Android/Web with admin console, member area, billing, user rights management etc.
cl logo
If you feel that your idea is elaborated well enough and you need to have the product launches on all platforms at once, this is your choice.
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If you are considering making next steps together with OQTACORE, let`s take it to the next level and have a free consultation session!
clock logoOn the free 1-hour session, we will:
consultation logoHave an in-depth look into your project, no matter if it is just an idea, a work-in-progress or a fully working app
goals logoUnderstand your goals with your app
consultationCome up with UI and architectural decisions that will make your app reach the goals
technology stack logoCome up with technology stack that will empower
your app for success
consultation list logoSet up your next steps in building the app
Would you like to discuss your app with our CTO Dmitriy Elisov?
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with CTO Dmitriy Elisov (FREE)
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If you have your own NDA, send it to us and participants of the call will sign it
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  • Participated in building software for such companies as Mercedes, Allianz, BMW and large startup projects.
  • Made architectural decisions for web apps with development budget of up to $200m per year.
  • Built large projects as a part of a 5000 developer team.
  • A private IT consultant to Fortune 500 companies.
Dmitriy Elisov CTO of OQTACORE Dmitriy Elisov CTO of OQTACORE
Dmitriy Elisov
These videos will tell you more about APP
Saveliy Lenivin presents OQTACORE
The team you need to build a successful APP
We built an advanced calculator to estimate THE COST OF your future app
What platforms are you planning to develop your app in?
android logoAndroid
ios logoiOS
laptop logoWeb app
android and ios logoHybrid
(Android + iOS)
FAQ that really helpS
How do I start working with OQTACORE?
We have a call and discuss details of the project
You make an initial payment for the project
Our CTO and your assigned Project Manager write the specification documents for the project
We discuss and approve the specs with you
We compile the specs into a development schedule
We implement the specs with releases every two weeks
How much does APP cost?
Depends on the package you choose. Feel free to explore each package with prices and examples above
How much time is need to build an APP?
Prototype - 10 days
APP for one platform (Android/iOS/Web) - 1-3 months
APP for three platform (Android/iOS/Web) - 3-6 months
Do you sign an NDA?
We sign an NDA with each customer. All code and intellectual property belong to you
Who will I communicate with during the project?
You will have 24/7 access to PM Saveliy Leniivin and CTO Dmitriy Elisov, who will guide your project from start to finish
What are the team’s working hours?
We work on weekdays 8am - 11pm Moscow Standard Time (MSK). This schedule allows us to communicate with you and to do the work as efficiently as possible, regardless of the time zone difference
How can I control the project? (access to Jira)
You will have access to Jira, where we will manage your entire project. You will see each task and its due date.
Is it possible to add/remove features after the project has started and specification and implementation plan have been approved?
Yes, it is possible. We will create an additional specification, in which we will write down the additional features you want to introduce, and we will add them to the UI design and development plan.
What will I get as the end result?
A ready-to-use application that can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or used as a web app + all copyright for the code + documentation.
Can I come and visit your office?
You can visit us any time.
Are you a team of just 7?
Our core team consists of seven people: CTO, IT PM, Designer, Backend software developer, Frontend software developer, QA tester. This is an example of our team that will interact with you during the creation of your APP. As the app develops and expands, other members will join the team.
Apart from developing APPs from scratch, we have a team that is engaged in maintaining current projects and scaling them. For one of our customers, we have assembled and manage a team of 23 programmers who are continuing to develop our customer's successful startup right now.