How to get users for your app and grow your startup

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by Dmitry Elisov
Oqtacore CTO
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Even if your app has all the needed components for success, does its job right, and never crashes, you still need to spend considerable effort to attract users and grow traction.

This article is based on the presentation “How to get users and grow” on the Y Combinator youtube channel by the YC partner Gustav Alströmer, who was working at that time as a Product Lead on the Growth team at Airbnb.

It is wrong to think that once a software product has been created, it is enough to release it on the AppStore or a website for users to come for it themselves. It doesn’t work that way. Remember that the most important parameter of a startup is its business development.

But it must be timely. It’s too early to engage in business development if you don’t have a product that might interest the user. Before developing the business part of your startup, you need to understand whether the product is relevant to the market.

To do this, people at Airbnbfollow 2 steps.

  • They define indicators that show the value of the product for the client

For Airbnb, it is a confirmed booking and the number of users who will make it again through the service.

  • They take the average annual study period since a person travels several times a year.Tracking reuse

The reuse of a product indicates that the user found Aribnb valuable. Let’s take a time period of 16 weeks. Imagine that after installing your application, 70% of users still use it by the end of the first week. In the next 3 weeks, imagine that we see a decline of up to 50%, so approximately 20% of users remain up to 16 weeks and more. Conclusion: the product went well to users, now you can start developing its business part.

Developing a business consists of user attraction and user conversion. First you need to tell people about your product, and then you need to convert them into customers.

User attraction

  1.  Competently tuned SEO optimization. The task of the development department is to customize it in such a way that your product stands out in the first lines for the requests you need. It is more convenient for a person to download the application he needs and use it directly than to constantly use google as an intermediary.
  2. The system of referrals and word of mouth. You need to provoke the user to share information about your application. For example, reward with money. A very important point is that your user, in principle, should know about the referral program. In a large number of applications, the user may not even see that such a system exists.
  3. “Virality” of the product. The more people use your service, the more willing newbies will join it.
  4. Informing potential users in any way. Make a list of all potential users who might be interested in your product. Make them know about you: mail, face-to-face meetings, bloggers, etc.

To choose the right development strategy, you need to try. An important quality that Airbnb managers develop in themselves is constant experimentation.

Every decision and choice you make should be based on experimental data. Otherwise, you will not understand why the tool works. Test several options to determine what is effective.

User conversion

Here are some ways to optimize the conversion of your finished product:

  • Internationalization

If your product has already entered the international market, then translating it into other languages ​​will be an effective means of increasing users.

  •  Authentication

You need to make it as easy as possible for a user to log into your service. The interface must be clear, otherwise, the user will simply sweep aside your application.

  • Conquering the user

A good first impression of the service is important. Minimization of the stages that the user will go through from the moment of registration to understanding the essence of your product.

  • Purchase conversion

At this stage, the user makes a decision to buy a product. There are a lot of things you can do there, and you can find a lot of information about it.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I start working with OQTACORE?

We have a call and discuss details of the project

You make an initial payment for the project

Our CTO and your assigned Project Manager write the specification documents for the project

We discuss and approve the specs with you

We compile the specs into a development schedule

We implement the specs with releases every two weeks

How much does MVP cost?

It depends on the package you choose. Feel free to explore each package with prices and examples on our landing page or use our calculator.

How much time is take to build an MVP?

Prototype – 10 days

MVP for one platform (Android/iOS/Web) – 1-3 months

MVP for three platform (Android/iOS/Web) – 3-6 months

Do you sign an NDA?

We sign an NDA with each customer. All the source code and intellectual property will belong to you.

Who will I communicate with during the project?

You will have 24/7 access to PM Saveliy Leniivin and CTO Dmitry Elisov, who will guide your project from start to finish.

What are the team’s working hours?

We work on weekdays Pacific Standard Time (PST), UTC -8. 8am – 11pm. This schedule allows us to communicate with you and to do the work as efficiently as possible, regardless of the time zone difference.

How can I control the project?

You will have access to Jira (it is a project management software used by many companies in the world), where we will manage your entire project. There, you will see each task and its due date.

Is it possible to add/remove features after the project has started and specification and implementation plan have been approved?

Yes, it is possible. We will create an additional specification, in which we will write down the additional features you want to introduce, and we will add them to the UI design and development plan.

What will I get as the end result?

A ready-to-use application that can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or used as a web app + all copyright for the code + documentation.

Can I come and visit your office?

You can visit us any time!

Are you a team of just 7?

Our core MVP team consists of seven people: CTO, IT PM, Designer, Backend software developer, Frontend software developer, QA tester. This is an example of our team that will interact with you during the creation of your MVP. As the app develops and expands, other members will join the team.

Apart from developing MVPs from scratch, we have a team that is engaged in maintaining current projects and scaling them. For one of our customers, we have assembled and manage a team of 23 programmers who are continuing to develop our customer’s successful startup right now.

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