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by Dmitry Elisov
Oqtacore CTO

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The investor has $1.5m invested in Bitcoin mining equipment, and our task was to build infrastructure around it to ensure maximum profitability.

A lot of boxes

This doesn’t look nice, but Bitcoin cloud mining equipment costs a lot, and total amount of investment is $1.5m!

This equipment has to work in the most efficient way possible – it needs to be safe from external intrusions, both real and virtual. It needs to be kept at an optimal temperature, not too high and not too low. It needs to be always in a functional state. The staff has to know everything about the equipment.

In addition to the infrastructure, the task was to build a cloud mining platform, to ensure higher return on investment for the investor.


We designed special containers for the mining equipment, that have zero additional moving parts. All the air goes through from one end to another. In case of cold weather, hot air from the output is recirculated to the intake.

We took cargo containers and removed sidewalls to have great ventilation capability. Inside we installed commutators with a mobile internet adapter, which allows to fully isolate the equipment from people around the container, plus making the container mobile – the only connection is a power cable.

plan of the box

We designed a cloud mining platform

designe a cloud mining platform
Development microservices


We built the containers

Three containers on grass
101 100x750 oqt 2

We started building the FlyMining cloud mining platform in February, 2018 and finished about 5 months later, in July 2018. We maintain the platform until the current moment.

Apart from development and maintenance, we also do marketing. The platform has went through one redesign based on customer feedback, we also work with marketers, bloggers, social influencers.

Flymining`s website
bitcoin dashboard

We wrote a special tool in .Net that monitors the equipment 24×7, checks each machine for broken parts (missing fans, microchips) and emails the maintenance staff immediately.

Frymining tools
Flymining tools

We have our own dashboard that shows effectivity of mining and maintenance staff. The mining information is used for the cloud mining service, to calculate the profit of each investor. All the payments, payouts are calculated using the real banking software (our team had to learn accounting to be able to implement certain types of transactions).

Flymining monitor

This is a special screen that is translated to a large TV in the staff room


Web Servers: IIS

Databases: Amazon DynamoDB, Redis

Programming Languages: C#, C++, HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript

Main frameworks: ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, Vue.js, jQuery

Technologies: distributed computing • POSIX • UNIX • agile software development • cross-platform development • Test-driven development • CDN • Web API • blockchain • digital currencies

Software: RS Bank • Mailchimp • PayPal • Microsoft Office Suite • Microsoft Visual Studio • Microsoft SQL Server • Redis • BTCPay • XCode • TeamCity • Selenium • Web engines (Apache, nginx, IIS) • vim • bash • VMware • Balsamic moqups • Git • Azure • Cloudflare

Deliverables: Database Development, Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Database Architecture, API, Hardware engineering

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