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We follow the latest industry trends to build custom platforms for buying and selling products online. OQTACORE helps businesses with technology selection, migration, integration, conversion optimization, and more.

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We specialize in

Marketplace development

B2B or B2C Marketplace Development

We build custom B2B and B2C marketplaces with advanced features. These marketplaces offer buyers and sellers a remarkable UX, thereby enabling them compete effectively with existing industry giants on an equal footing. We always analyze the customer’s challenges and the opportunities associated with their idea so that we could build a secure, stable, and high-performing solution.

Blockchain development

Blockchain Development

The blockchain-based marketplace is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that directly connects consumers and sellers without any intermediaries, and all transactions are traceable on a public ledger, demonstrating a high level of security and transparency.
OQTACORE will build your decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology or enhance your traditional marketplace with blockchain-powered tools, such as cryptocurrency payment methods, P2P trading, trade smart contracts, etc.

NFT Marketplace development

NFT Marketplace Development

NFT trading is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity. Many businesses are set to benefit from NFT marketplace development services by OQTACORE. We create unique robust online marketplaces where creators can buy, sell or exchange their non-fungible tokens. Our platforms come with great UX/UI designs. OQTACORE has experience both in eCommerce and blockchain to assist you in successfully adopting NFT.

integration logo

Integration with any system

OQTACORE helps to integrate any individual subsystems and modules into one cohesive system, enabling all pieces to work as a whole. We implement ERP, CRM, shipping and logistics, accounting software, inventory management, and other integrations to fully streamline and automate various business operations. Once your main system reaches the required functionality, the time and effort spent manually sharing information with other components would be significantly reduced.

Mobile Marketplace logo

Mobile Marketplace Development

Many online marketplaces only work well on desktop devices due to heavy animations and non-responsive layout, while 46% of online users are using mobile.
We develop marketplaces that offer a seamless desktop/mobile experience and flawless services to mobile users irrespective of device, screen resolutions, sizes, and operating system. OQTACORE investigates your target audience’s wishes and makes your mobile app as easy, smooth, and intuitive as possible for both mobile platforms: iOS and/or Android.

PWA logo

PWA Development

PWAs are considered a modern cost-effective alternative to native apps. They are a great opportunity for mobile users to gain direct access to your platform on-the-go. This makes buying and selling easier and more accessible for customers. We’re fully committed to the success of our clients, that’s why we develop secure, fast, and user-friendly apps.

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Want to build a unique marketplace business?

When building your next unicorn, OQTACORE recommends building a marketplace from scratch instead of using eCommerce content management systems (CMS). Why?


Most conventional eCommerce platforms have restrictions with respect to integrations and content. If you have an inspiring vision of your future unique product, we can help you unleash the full potential of your business.


Based on your business needs, you’re completely free to select what features to be implemented and how.

Total Control

Having your own solution built from scratch gives you the freedom and flexibility that come with full ownership of your business. This ensures you’re the final decision-maker on how your platform runs.


Each CMS has its internal mechanics that can become a problem in the later stages of the project. Fixing them will break compatibility with future CMS updates. Having your own code gives you a full understanding of what will and won’t work instead of having to scout numerous community forums.


Gametrade market

  • MVP PRO budget: NDA
  • Full project budget: NDA
  • MVP length: 8 months
  • Tech stack: React, Next.js, Node.js, AWS, Metamask, Web3.js, Ethers.js, Solidity

GameTrade is a specialized and convenient marketplace for trading virtual in-game NFTs. Our task was to make a hybrid of social media and a trading platform for gamers and professional traders, and now the platform provides advanced communication functionality for the best trading experience

Gametrade Market

Integration of a large ecommerce with CRM

  • Project budget: $50k
  • Length: 1 year
  • Tech stack: SAP, Salesforce

The bathroom online store makes up to $2m monthly in sales. The sales department consists of 15 specialists who process 2000 leads that make 150 orders every day via online chat and phone calls plus they process refunds and guarantee repairs. The warehouse holds up to 4000 items in stock, plus processes 300 positions daily from suppliers: accepts, returns, files for refunds, requests for replacements, etc. The pricing department monitors 80k positions and updates prices daily based on information from 60 suppliers (4.8 million combinations). All these processes were moved to SAP and Salesforce.

Integration of ecommerce with CRM project


  • MVP PRO budget: NDA
  • Full project budget: NDA
  • MVP length: 3 months
  • Tech stack: C#, React, Flutter for mobile apps

SPEAK is a freelance platform for psychologists. Clients can schedule on-demand pay-by-minute encrypted audio/video calls or have weekly text & voice messaging subscriptions with psychologists. Psychologists get a full-blown CRM system with customer billing, session notes, and appointment calendar.

Speak Help project

Supply chain management

  • MVP PRO budget: $50k
  • Full project budget: $2m
  • Length: 2.5 years
  • Tech stack: C#, Javascript, React, Microsoft SQL Server, React Native for mobile apps

The software was built to provide a reliable, fast, and cost-effective collaboration to connect business partners and automate business processes. The platform enables companies to connect to a public ecosystem of trading partners and collaborate in the cloud using just one platform to connect to all of them.

Customers, logistics partners, contract manufacturers, suppliers, and other trading partners’ office systems integrated with the platform giving all parties real-time visibility, access, and ability to quickly respond to deadlines, instructions, shipments, and changes.

spinner logo

Hourly rates

Senior Product Strategist

More information Hide information $100/hr
A Senior Product Strategist defines product vision and roadmap, focusing on generating business value for the client, rooted in a strong understanding of the market and current technological capabilities/constraints. They also communicate with the client to gather future requirements in projects by applying technical and business expertise.

Senior Technical Architect

More information Hide information $100/hr
A Senior Technical Architect is responsible for designing the hardware and software infrastructure, choosing the right on-premise or cloud platform and tech stack, managing the process of development, deployment, and maintenance, and coordinating the software development team to ensure a predictable release process, data safety and security. They have at least 8 years of experience in software design and managing software development.

Senior Software Developer

More information Hide information $50/hr
A Senior Software Developer has advanced knowledge of programming languages and frameworks, understands the business value behind the software, and writes high-quality, feature-complete, robust code. They have 6+ years of commercial experience in software development.

Middle Software Developer

More information Hide information $35/hr
A Middle Software Developer is tech-savvy with different programming languages and frameworks. They may be tasked with developing a part of the application to prepare it for the further transition to a senior developer. A middle software developer has 4+ years of working experience in commercial software development.

DevOps Engineer

More information Hide information $50/hr
A DevOps Engineer has a deep understanding of applications development environment, database, data management, and infrastructure capabilities and constraints for software infrastructures of high complexity. A DevOps engineer ensures data safety and security, implements security protocols, and backups, as well as maintains an optimal amount of resources for cost optimization and quick rollovers during updates.

Senior Blockchain Developer

More information Hide information $70/hr
A Blockchain Developer knows how to write smart contracts in the most efficient and secure manner. Each team member is involved in the current blockchain community and stays close with relevant updates in the industry.

Product Manager

More information Hide information $50/hr
A Product Manager can define the product goals and roadmap, ensuring alignment with business objectives and company strategy. They prioritize product features based on customer needs, business potential, and technical scalability.

UX/UI Design

More information Hide information $35/hr
A UX/UI designer is business savvy while keeping users’ needs at the forefront of the product’s designs. They have experience conducting customer research ranging from qualitative data analysis to hands-on usability testing. Our team includes top-notch UX and UI professionals with experience in designing B2B/enterprise-level products and services.

Business Analyst

More information Hide information $50/hr
A Business Analyst at OQTACORE can develop, drive, and analyze existing and new workflows while building a clear understanding of the needs of the particular business. They work closely with the product owner and development team to enhance software solutions.

Project Manager

More information Hide information $35/hr
A Project manager is a self-disciplined professional who can bring projects to closure with minimum direction, guidance, and oversight. They review deliverables prepared by the development team before they are passed to the client and provide clients with regular communication and updates.

Marketing Analyst

More information Hide information $40/hr
A Marketing Analyst has 5+ years of experience with marketing campaigns and controls sales and pricing using marketing data, current and historical company data, competitive data, and trends. They track analytics across digital platforms and implement data-driven decisions to improve and evolve marketing strategies.

QA Lead

More information Hide information $35/hr
A QA Lead provides process improvement, oversight, and technical guidance to the QA team in the analysis, design, testing, and deployment of applications ensuring all titles meet business deadlines while upholding a high level of quality.

QA Engineer

More information Hide information $25/hr
A QA Engineer organizes the creation and execution of test scripts for multiple products, tracks the quality performance of the product, reports testing results, and provides performance recommendations to development teams.

Why choose
OQTACORE for your
development needs

Your project needs to have maximum traction right before the start of the investment round to get the maximum valuation and interest of investors. The count of active customers values startups at the time of the deal.

We see the best results when founders spend equal amounts on development and advertising (50/50).

If you do not have free ‘unfair’ advertising channels like friend celebrities, your own TV show, etc. OQTACORE does not take projects where development consumes more than 70% of the total investment.

Every IT company is 30-50% about its software, and 50-70% of the business success is about execution.

OQTACORE’s company culture has a concept of “Execution culture”:

  • 1. Never overpromise;
  • 2. Everything that is said to be done - must be done.

All our employees are constantly reminded not to overpromise to their managers. And we as a company do not overpromise to our customers. Since we always do what we promise, you can trust every word we commit. That is why OQTACORE is such a reliable partner, even though we might promise less than many of the dev shops.

Being trusted is extremely important for OQTACORE’s business model, as we only benefit from long-lasting relationships.

Before starting development, OQTACORE always conducts in-depth analysis and competitive intelligence: target audience interviews, legal research, and competitor analysis by 60 parameters.

This allows us to come up with our vision of business model (transaction fees, tech spending, royalty model, CPA, LTv, etc), development roadmap, and offer the best tech decisions: choose the right cloud platform, tech stack, etc.

We are different from other dev shops. The OQTACORE team will not come back to you with an echo of your words when asked to improvise. We know how to fill in blank spaces in the global vision of a startup founder.

You can focus on achieving the right vision for your business development while we take care of billing, payment systems, account management, support systems, and other routine subsystems that exist in any software product.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to control the implementation of standard features or completely trust it to OQTACORE.

If you are a visionary startup founder, you may have a $20m idea that cannot be built with a $500k investment.

If you do not have a technical co-founder, it might be hard for you to understand what can or cannot be implemented in the short term and with a tight budget.

OQTACORE will do the heavy lifting for you. We at OQTACORE have experience working with such cases. Together as a team, we come up with a bootstrapped version of your idea. In the beginning, it might look small compared to your vision, but it will get traction and move forward into the investment rounds until you reach the full potential of the product.

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OQTACORE industry expertise









Steps of developing an
online marketplace with

Either before the first consultation or immediately after it, we will sign an NDA so that we can ask and find out details that are important for the project, which may constitute a trade secret.
At the initial consultation, you can get to know the leaders of our team, and we, in turn, will get to know your product, its current needs, and goals.
We conduct market research and competitor analysis, focus on customers' experiences, and analyze trends and best practices. Then we come up with solutions and decisions that will empower your product for success. You can choose to accept or not accept each individual proposition.
Based on your vision and decisions taken, we estimate the scope of work, the timing, and the cost, and come up with a commercial offer.
​​If you are satisfied with our offer, we will ask for a 33% prepayment and get down to work.
We usually break product development work into two-week sprints that minimize the amount of up-front planning. We always prioritize items in the backlog at the beginning of each sprint. Thereafter, our development team starts building the required functionality, which is then tested against bugs by our QA engineers before release.
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Gametrade market
OQTACORE was recommended by one of our partner companies. We worked with many development companies for comparison. The best part of a partnership with the OQTACORE team is that in addition to exceptional quality specialists, the founders Dmitriy and Saveliy, take care of all the details and let me focus on strategic thinking. I give them the main direction and they tackle how the product should look and feel. The quality of their specialists and the price that we are paying for that quality is fair.
photo of Mikhail Babenkov

Mikhail Babenkov

The OQTACORE team built for me a web phycological freelance platform that brings together psychologists and clients. On this platform, they can call each other, chat, schedule appointments, and so on. This is a huge project that we are working on right now. OQTACORE shows a very high level of quality. I really like the management - we are always on the same page. We often have phone calls on weekends if I need them. We started small, and it is important that OQTACORE has used a scalable architecture for future growth since we expect hundreds of thousands of users in the coming years. I am also planning to create an application with them for iOS and Android.
photo of Pam Lomax

Pam Lomax

The OQTACORE team has done a great job, and their work has received positive feedback from our investors and third-party partners. The team is very professional and has shown a good quality of development. The most impressive has been the flexibility they have shown us during the project. Dmitriy and Saveliy truly invested in our project, so we call them our business partners. They believe in what we’re trying to accomplish.
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