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by Dmitry Elisov
Oqtacore CTO

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A software that allows company’s top  management to build multi-factor organizational charts.It allows to analyze those connections,  get insights and make important  management decisions.image 7


A large agency providing consulting services. For their own and external needs, they decided to develop a prototype application that would show the connections between employees. This would make it easier to navigate the company and understand who communicates with whom.

Relationship analytics were proposed to be done using surveys within the company on a voluntary basis. They first considered processing mail or social networks, but then rejected as violating the rights of employees.

After the initial prototype, it was decided to continue working on features

We added the following functionality – each employee got access to the system, they were able tag employees, group them and conveniently send emails by tags/groups, see notifications of incoming messages right on this chart, and even start video calls


Initial MVP budget: $98k

Budget: $196k

Project length: 10 months

Tech stack: C#, Javascript, React, WebRTC

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