Market analysis for auto tuning agency

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by Dmitry Elisov
Oqtacore CTO

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The market analysis for auto tuning agency project was done of one of our customers. They run an advertising campaign that burns around $20k per month.

What they wanted to check is if they did it optimally. The number of ads was extremely high, at about 30k randomly-generated ads for all car makers and models actual at that time (2014).

Market analysis for auto tuning agency

First, we tried grasping various CPA metrics from the marketing campaign. The problem with that approach was that many ads had very low views due to having too many different versions of the same copy. So we couldn’t effectively analyze every single ad. Market analysis for auto-tuning agency required some extraordinary thinking to bring value to the customer.

Oqtacore took a creative approach – we parsed the Russian largest auto marketplace, This allowed us to get an estimated ratio of cars in the street to each  other with a simple idea – the more some car model is present in the streets, the more ads it will have at

Parsing data for market analysis

Parsing is an essential part of most of market analysis projects. A lot of data can be collected by manual labor, but much better structured data can only come from a well-written parsing mechanism that collects data from single or multiple sources.

To parse, we needed IP proxies for parallel parsing to increase speed. We used Bright Data for the best data collection proxies. They are more expensive than other offers in the market, but high-speed and reliable.

End result

After checking the numbers of car ads, we compared it with the ad shows and saw that BMW ads very highly untouched, based on the number of car owners. And especially that idea that BMW owners are hugely inclined to do chip-tuning for they cars

analysis for auto tuning agency


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