How To Reduce Cloud Costs by 30% Using 4 Key Approaches

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by Vladimir Shachnev
Oqtacore Content Lead

Our client successfully reduced their cloud costs by 30% with four strategic approaches. This detailed case study offers practical insights and actionable tips to optimize your cloud spending efficiently. Dive in to learn how to achieve significant savings on your cloud expenses!

Challenges and Initial Assessment

One of our clients, a web service development company, faced significant challenges with escalating cloud costs. With monthly expenses soaring to $53,776, the need for effective cost management became critical. Our comprehensive analysis highlighted two major cost centers: Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which were the primary drivers of these high costs.

Introduction to Infinops by Oqtacore

Infinops, a subsidiary of Oqtacore, focuses on optimizing cloud expenses for companies striving to manage their cloud infrastructure efficiently. This initiative underscores our commitment to leveraging expertise in cloud cost management to aid businesses in achieving sustainable operational costs.

Strategic Cloud Costs Optimization Approaches

To address these challenges, we employed several tailored cost optimization strategies that directly targeted the client’s most significant expenses without compromising on performance or availability.

1. Utilization of Spot Instances

Spot instances, an often-underutilized feature of AWS, offer a cost-effective solution for managing computing resources. By transitioning low-priority tasks to spot instances, we achieved a 33% reduction in EC2 costs. This strategy capitalizes on the lower cost of spot instances compared to on-demand prices, providing substantial savings with minimal impact on operations.

2. Reservation of Instances for Critical Databases

For critical services like Amazon RDS, we shifted from on-demand instances to reserved instances. Reserved instances not only guarantee availability but also come with a substantial discount, leading to a 30% reduction in database management costs. This shift is particularly beneficial for predictable workloads that require constant database access.

3. Effective Resource Tagging and Management

Implementing a rigorous tagging strategy was crucial. By tagging all resources, from instances to storage, we could track usage patterns and identify redundant or underutilized resources. This approach helped cut unnecessary expenditures by allowing us to accurately target resources for optimization or elimination, typically saving about 40-60% of costs associated with unused or sporadically used resources.

4. Scheduling and Resource Adjustment

By analyzing the operational hours and resource utilization data, we recommended scheduling the shutdown of non-essential virtual machines during off-peak hours. This measure alone can save up to 50% of the costs by reducing the operational hours from 24 to only the necessary ones. Additionally, resizing over-provisioned resources to match actual usage further enhanced cost efficiency.

Outcomes and Client Benefits

As a result of these focused interventions, we successfully reduced the client’s monthly cloud expenses by 33%, bringing them down to $35,994. This substantial reduction not only alleviates financial pressure but also optimizes the overall efficiency of resource usage.

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Long-term Benefits and Continuous Optimization

The success of these initiatives has encouraged our client to maintain an ongoing partnership with us, focusing on continuous improvement and regular audits of their cloud infrastructure. Regular monitoring and adjusting cloud resources ensure that our clients can adapt to changing demands without incurring unnecessary costs.

How can you reduce your cloud costs without sacrificing quality and efficiency?

Infinops offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing your cloud space.

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✅ The use of reserved and spot copies can result in cost savings of up to 30% and 67%, respectively, thanks to flexible pricing plans and auction pricing.
✅ Optimize virtual machine uptime and reduce the capacity of underutilized resources to save up to 50% in costs.

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Reducing cloud expenses while maintaining high availability and performance is crucial for any business relying on cloud infrastructure. By partnering with our expert team, businesses can achieve significant cost savings and enhance operational efficiency. If you are looking to optimize your cloud expenses, our strategies and experience could be the key to unlocking substantial savings and boosting your bottom line.

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