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by Dmitry Elisov
Oqtacore CTO

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An intranet web portal, similar to  Sharepoint, Confluence, but with more  accent towards in-company social  networking than company management. It  allows staff to share questions, polls, blog  posts, videos and many other content  types, to discuss, to seek help among the  company experts, to communicate with  colleagues.


A company that produces soft toys. Their US office, which does management and design, wanted to communicate more closely with the product division in China. They wanted to build an atmosphere of friendly communication, for a better understanding of each other. The cultural specifics of each side are very peculiar, so they want to communicate somewhere, wish each other a Merry Christmas and Chinese New Year, share the news and wish each other a happy birthday.

They wanted our solution to provide a lot of interactivity and different types of interaction as possible: text, photos, videos, stickers, discussions, personal blogs and much more.

They also wanted a mobile app that can be used instead of slack for chats.


MVP budget: $98k

Full project budget: $300k

Project length: 10 months

Tech stack: Java, Javascript, Angular, PostgreSQL,  Flutter for mobile apps

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