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Miko project management

An intranet web portal

An intranet web portal, similar to  Sharepoint, Confluence, but with more  accent towards in-company social  networking than company management. It  allows staff to share questions, polls, blog  posts, videos and many other content  types, to discuss, to seek help among the  company experts, to communicate with  colleagues. MVP budget: $65k Full project budget: $1.5m Project […]

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Chartme staff management

Organizational charts

A software that allows company’s top  management to build multi-factor  organizational charts. It allows to analyze those connections,  get insights and make important  management decisions. MVP budget: $45k Budget: $300k Project length: 6 months Tech stack: Java, Javascript, Angular

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Requiz customer satisfaction management

Customer Experience Management platform

An online app that enables businesses to  send customized questionnaires to  customers, seeking feedback about quality  of service and measuring NPS. It is a sophisticated enterprise solution that  allows to have multiple user access levels,  measure analytics of responses and even  compare historical data. One of the distinct features is sentimental  analysis of open text […]

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PROStaff remote staff management software

Desktop time tracker

One of the projects was to build a time tracker that can handle tens of thousands of users. The first thing we decided is that we will not use traditional architecture, and will go serverless. Going serverless is almost always better when you work with IoT devices that can scale quickly in number. As a […]

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Supply chain management

The design and logic of the application were  created by a former supply chain director of  a large company. The software was made with all the pitfalls  of supply chain management kept in mind,  and now the system is used by the market  leaders. The largest customers pay more than $1m/year each, and they are […]

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FlySecure Video Piracy Protection

FlySecure – secure video courses

Customer Alice has an online school. She sells her pre-recorded video lessons about starting your first business. This topic is in high demand, and the pre-recorded course lasts 2 months and costs ~$100. It has great value for the price, so Alice feels that she should make a lot of money. Also, Alice has a […]

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FlyStat Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics Online

FlyStat is an Instagram Analytics online service The first task of the FlyStat service is to control the quality of SMM projects, reduce costs for controlling personnel, reduce losses from poor-quality performance. The second task of the FlyStat service is to provide by statistic and analytic information to the SMM managers. The FlyStat Service raises […]

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