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What is Terraform?

If you check our website, you will find a Tech article about AWS. AWS is a great tool for controlling costs, especially for larger projects in which there is a need for a special person just for infrastructure – AWS allows not to hire such person and continue using distributed computing power that is maintained […]

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What startups will thrive in 2020

Which businesses will thrive in 2020?

The year 2020 has just ended its first quarter, but the distance between January and May feels like a decade. Nothing could be farther now than simple quiet times without market shaking and covid-2019 breaking out. And still, every entrepreneur knows, that in muddy water one can catch the biggest fish, we just have to […]

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MVP software development

How long is MVP developed?

When we talk about building an MVP, we understand that MVP means “a very, very simple product”. For example – without 3G, Appstore, MMS, etc, the iPhone 1G was a very, very simple product. It doesn’t mean that the quality of the product is intentionally lowered, though. The quality in this case is measured by […]

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